Minty: Wish List

Things on my list are a bit pricey this year, but it’s called a wish list right. You’re not going to wish for anything mediocre. 🙂

Tis’ the season to be jolly and I’m all for giving. I LOVE Christmas! My birthday is December 16 so I’m all for the extra gifts! Luckily I’ve never really been stuck getting one gift for both days. So, here is my “Wish List” for 2012. Maybe you can get some ideas maybe for your girl or guy. I always throw in something budget friendly. Enjoy

1. A must have! Grey Ant Sunglasses
2. On trend & 50% off right now, go get ’em! Karl- Faux Leather Pant
3. For the technical fashion flat designer in me. Adobe Illustrator CS6
4. As you saw a few post back I love these, they’re on sale for $840 :-/ Alexander Wang Boots
5. My favorite brand for my lips. YSL Lipstick

I hope I gave you a few ideas, thanks for stopping by!


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