The Truth About Undergarments

Undergarments are a very important piece of your wardrobe. Our bodies are constantly changing whether we like it or not, Choosing the appropriate article of underclothing is ideal when picking out your outfit for the day. Bad choices can lead to uncomfortable bulges and creases unappealing to the eye. I’ll be listing eleven tips to help you stay classy and comfortable.

Screen Shot 2013-04-17 at 12.38.23 PM

1. Because the body tends to change over-time it is important to get measured for a bra at least two to three times a year depending on how your weight fluctuates. Their are too many women walking around with the wrong size bra!

2. It is essential to try-on a bra before purchasing. Every design will not fit the same even if it is the exact size.

3. Choosing the right color undergarment for your clothing selection is vital. For example try not to wear a bright pink bra under a white button down blouse. Unless it’s a necessary stage costume… Try black undergarments for white attire. Other colors can be worn with a monochromatic base.

4. Too tight panties and bra’s can be extremely disturbing. Don’t be that person with the back spillage, lumps and bumps.

5. When caring for your bra’s, try to wash items in lukewarm water with a mild and gentle soap or detergent. Air drying is a MUST! Bra’s can get so distorted after being put in the dryer, take a little extra time and air dry them. It will be worth it in the end.

6. When it comes down to your underwear, focus on the fit, not how stylish they are. Unless you have a certain occasion.

7.  A cotton crotch is key. For health reasons alone, this is your best option.

8. If you have love-handles, try an underwear like the brief-cut to give you extra support.  Otherwise you will have unsightly bulges and an extreme hangover. Bikini-cut works if you have a small more petite shape.

9. Visible pantie-lines are a No-No!! But you knew that already right?!

10. Remember to wash your undergarments before use. It is a necessary step to protect your well-being. Even if the article of underclothing comes packaged, wash as directed for peace of mind.

11. Last but not least, it is certainly inappropriate to have revealing undergarments in public. Make sure your blouse covers your bra, and your jeans cover your buttocks. I’m sure you know what I’m referring to… keep it classy!



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