Before You Purchase Exercise Apparel

Finding work-out gear can be a pretty daunting task if your a fashionable girl. You want to be stylish but comfortable enough to actually get a work-out in. We’ll be sharing 5 tips that will assist you the next time you’re shopping for exercise apparel.

Screen-Shot-2013-04-18-at-1.13.16-PM1. Comfort is key! Shy away from constricting fabrics that are rough, it can lead to irritation on the skin. During workouts we tend to do repetitive motions, look for apparel with a low spandex percentage. It will give you a comfy fit without being super tight.

2. Look for great fit! Although most people feel that it is better to hide under baggy layers, you will feel more comfortable in something that fits perfectly. Trendy work-out gear will make you feel confident and give you the extra ‘oomph’ to make you want to go for a run. Skip the t-shirt and baggy sweats, and see how you feel afterwards.

3. Wicking! A strip of porous material, which liquid fuel is drawn. Short answer, wicking helps suck up sweat! Polyester/Lycra and other synthetic blends work best.

4. Layering! Have fun with your work-out gear, layering gives you a variety. Purchase items that will give you the option to go from summer to winter.

5. What’s your favorite activity? If your a runner, get gear for a runner. If your into yoga, get apparel for yoga. See where we are going with this? :) If you attend Spin Class four times a week, we don’t recommend you wear baggy clothes. Choose appropriate gear for each activity.


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