Solange Covers Complex


Via Complex

When she was about the same age as her older sister in that photo, Solange was racking up more insults than accolades. One day, she wore a “full-on Native American outfit” to Will Rogers Elementary School in Houston. “I had my own little quirks as a child,” Solange says. “I had a very vivid imagination, mostly through my style and fashion choices. The kids had a lot to say.” Her fourth-grade teacher, Miss Bethann, found Solange on the verge of tears in her Pocahontas costume outside of the classroom and gave her a lesson that stuck with her: “Don’t you ever, ever bend or break because of who you are.”

“From that point,” Solange says, “the idea of convention versus non-convention or mainstream versus indie or any of those quote-unquote ‘conflicts’ has never crossed my mind.” Her cutting-edge taste and eclectic style are reflected in Solange’s circle of friends, from the crew of girls she grew up with to fellow indie acts like Grizzly Bear,Dirty Projectors, and Oliver Sim from the xx. Her friend Jay Electronica, who met Solange during “the great Twitter boom of 2009,” as he calls it, admires Solange’s self-awareness. “She’s a beautiful person and open and she seems unafraid to be herself.”

“I call her Hollyhood,” he adds. “You can ask her why.”

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