#Mint Report: Survey Says…American Living Habits by Ikea


In order to better understand the living habits of the typical American home-haver, Ikea released results from a survey taken over the course of 2013. CalledUS Life At Home, its an anthropological jaunt into our hopes, dreams and general relationship with the remote control. End goal: Hopefully sell us more functional-yet-impossible-to-build furniture. See below for four strange discoveries.

1. “Only 1% [of those surveyed] want their home to reflect how successful they have been.”

Says the Americans taking Ikea surveys.

2. “43% state they have assigned seating in their living room.”

And there are consequences if you take my seat, understood?

3. 58% of pet owners sleep with their cat or dog at
least some of the time.
 31% have their ‘furry baby’ under the covers!”

Companionship. At all costs. (At least we’re not like Canadians though.)

4. “54% of Americans use the space under their bed as extra storage,”and top occupants include, “Things I want to hide from my kids” and “I’ve been storing a treadmill under my bed for the past 15 years.”

Underneath the bed is like our own personal den of iniquity and regret.


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