#Mint Report: H&M’s younger sister brand COS


COS, a contemporary fashion brand owned by H&M, will be opening there first store in America this Spring in Soho. (They are also planning to open a 13,000-square-foot store in Beverly Hills later this year.)

Launched in 2007, COS has stores in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, but so far, none in the States. E-commerce isn’t available in the U.S. yet either, but that’s coming with the Soho store launch.

As for the overall style, think clean, simple, and sleek—much more inexpensive adaptations of Jil Sander and Céline. Pricing isn’t cheap, though: a wool mohair coat on the UK site retails for £190 (roughly $304), and a pair of basic flat leather boots are £135 (around $216). They do men’s, women’s, and kid’s, though the press release sent around doesn’t include information on whether all three categories will be available in-store. Stay Minty…



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