#MintReport: Dubai Will Build Our Planet’s Biggest Mall

MOTW-Image-1-590x400 MOTW-Image-4-590x400
More than 75 million people visit the world’s largest shopping mall in Dubai every year, which is more than the Eiffel Tower, Niagra Falls, and Disney World combined. But that’s not enough for Dubai. The emirate revealed that plans are in the works for a new giant mall, the Mall of the World. This new mega-mega project which will occupy 48 million square feet and earn the title of the world’s largest mall. Mall of America just shook its fist at the sky in futile anger.

There’s no word yet on a start or end date for the project. The Mall of The World is slated to have an indoor theme park under a glass dome, hotels and apartments, and a “wellness” district. Shops will be located under the world’s first temperature-controlled covered retail street network. Apparently creating abio-dome for shopping is the next step for Dubai to keep retail tourism going during the scorching summer months. via




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