Minty Interior Decor: Boost your Mood with Color

Studies have shown that specific colors can brighten your mood. Here we show you a couple inspirational photos that should help you uplift your space. Loving these rooms? Tweet us @peppermintgia #stay minty    

#Minty Interior Decor: Stay Organized

The easiest way for us to stay stress free is to, simply organize. The day will go a lot smoother if you know where everything is, right? Here we will show you five stylish ways to keep your valuable items in one piece. As well as a peace of mind! Stay Minty…

#Minty Interior Decor: Comfy Living Room Ideas

There is nothing better than going home to a comfortable living room. Warm tones and fun textures gives the atmosphere a pleasant feeling. See some ideas below, be inspired! #minty  

#Minty Interior Decor: Eclectic Bedrooms

I appreciate the quiet strength of white, but there is something about a high-contrast color scheme with a visual pop. Be inspired by the eclectic rooms below with glamour and pizzazz. Let us know which one is your favorite. #stayMinty

#Minty Interior Decor: Inspiring Office Space

The office is where you spend most of your time, especially if you work from home. Why not transform your space into an area that inspires you and gives you that delightful feeling of going into the office. A space that keeps you smiling with positive energy bouncing off the walls, which will make anyone…

#Minty Interior Decor: Comfortable View

From city lights to forest trails, be inspired by five modern bedrooms that will bring peace and comfort. Who doesn’t want an amazing view before bedtime. Dream on.

#Minty Interior Decor: Warm Tones with a Splash of color

Get inspiration from warm rooms with a splash of color. Warmer tones in you space are a better choice in the colder season, so make sure to add a toasty item. For example, grey tones work well in couches while a splash of color in center pieces adds energy.

Minty Interior Decor: Coffee Table Ideas for Fall

Don’t be afraid to spice up your living area this fall with interesting ideas for your coffee table. It is all about having fun with the place you call home. Create a space that is visually appealing, that way you always feel relaxed and care-free after a hard days work. Try flowers like the Alstroemeria…

Minty Interior Decor: 7 Rooms with a POP of color

Be inspired to revamp your space with a pop of color. It does not have to be a big change, because a small change also makes a difference. Check out these seven pads to keep you excited with color.

Add A POP of Color to your Space

To add character and style to any space, simply include a POP of color. Whether that be furniture, artwork, wallpaper, or even flowers. Do not be afraid to take risk in your place of comfort, it might surprise you how much it’ll change your mood and make you feel excitement when you walk into the…